ColdFusion Data Source Decryption

The Problem Have you ever needed to decrypt the passwords stored in ColdFusion’s [ColdFusion Install Dir]\lib\neo-datasource.xml file? Whether you are migrating between servers or are just curious what that password is, it’s a pain as an admin to work around the extra layer of security. Reverse Engineering the Passwords From ColdFusion 8 (probably older) to ColdFusion […]

Xeoma Review

My Video Surveillance Experience A few years ago I took it upon myself to install and configure a video surveillance system. Not because I live in a bad neighborhood, but for a sense of security and it made for a low cost project that I could use for years to come. I started with some old […]

Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange Today, I am sharing a program I wrote with you – Crypto Exchange. The concept of this program is simple, auto-trade cryptocurrencies in order to make a profit. How do I get it? The C# executable can be downloaded from This is a stand-alone executable that can be ran on any Windows […]

Plesk Password Encryption on Windows

Plesk Encryption Plesk, love it or hate it it’s the most popular control panel used on Windows servers. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with the panel since Plesk 8. Fortunately, it has been improved over the years and I’ve grown to like it. Over the course of it’s life┬áPlesk (v10 to be exact) […]